About Us

Radius West Corporation (parent company of Guardian Ag) was established in 2008 as a metal fabrication business with emphasis in agricultural related industries. All owners had been involved in the design and manufacturing of Ag machinery in previous years and brought this experience together at Radius West.

This combination also brought knowledge from past work in farm management, custom nut harvesting, custom orchard pruning, metal fabrication, and mechanical engineering. For the next few years the business continued to expand and add additional machinery and capabilities such as CNC machine tools and waterjet cutting to go along with the metal fabrication.

In 2014 Radius was approached with the opportunity to design and build aftermarket cabs for equipment dealerships selling tractors in the orchard environment. Radius began designing and producing cabs under the Guardian Cab name. All design, fabrication and assembly was completed in-house.

The first cab was well received by growers and led to the production of cabs for multiple different tractor models. Along with tractor cabs Guardian Ag also provides Orchard Fenders, Limb Guards and other products to meet the needs in the agricultural community such as introduction of a new Pruning Tower in 2016. Guardian continues to look forward at the needs of growers and strives to build quality equipment to meet those demands.